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Quantity : 100 ml Ingredients : seasom oil, bala, aswagandha, shatavari, cow milk Benefits :  To improve skin glow To remove dryness of skin To strengthen the body It reduces vata It removes traveling fatigue How to use: gently massage over whole body before taking bath..
Ex Tax:₹131.00
Package Contains: 2 Ubtan Packets 2 moti soap ( Rose & Sandalwood ) 1 Abhyang Oil ( 100 ml ) 1 Dhoop box 1 Scent bottle..
Ex Tax:₹550.00
Quantity : 60 gm Contents: Chandan,manjishta,musta, ananta,ushir, ambehalad, mulatani matti, neem Fragrance: Sandalwood Benefits:  Increases skin glow Revitalizes touch sense Helps In Removing Dead Cells: Removes toxins through the skin Makes Skin Look Fresh And Rejuvenated Reduce excess fat ac..
Ex Tax:₹121.00
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