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Panfuti | Parn beej | Raktakusum | Bryophyllum Pinnatum | Kidney Stone Plant | Patharchatta

Panfuti | Parn beej | Raktakusum | Bryophyllum Pinnatum | Kidney Stone Plant | Patharchatta
Panfuti | Parn beej | Raktakusum | Bryophyllum Pinnatum | Kidney Stone Plant | Patharchatta
Panfuti | Parn beej | Raktakusum | Bryophyllum Pinnatum | Kidney Stone Plant | Patharchatta
Panfuti | Parn beej | Raktakusum | Bryophyllum Pinnatum | Kidney Stone Plant | Patharchatta
Panfuti | Parn beej | Raktakusum | Bryophyllum Pinnatum | Kidney Stone Plant | Patharchatta
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  • Ayurvedic Medicinal herb For Kidney Stone 
  • Ayurvedic benefits of Life plant (Bryophyllum Pinnatum)

    • Treats Kidney stones: In case of kidney stones, give 40-50 ml decoction of whole plant twice a day. You can also give the decoction with 500 mg shilajit and 2 gm. of honey mixed in it. Give this twice a day, it cures bile stone easily.
    • Useful in Urinary disorders: Give 5 ml juice of its leaves to the patient suffering from thirst and any disorder related to urinary system. It is a very good and effective cure. In case of urine related disorder in men, give 40-60 ml of its decoction with 2 gm. honey mixed in it. Give this twice a day.
    • Helpful in Boils: Slightly warm its leaves and crush them. Tie it as poultice on the affected area. It cures boils, redness and swelling too.
    • For Hypertension: Give 5-10 drops of the extract of its aerial parts. It is beneficial in controlling blood pressure.
    • Curbs Leukemia: Give 5-10 drops of the extract of its aerial part, twice a day. It is beneficial in blood cancer.
    • For Vaginal disorders: In case of vaginal flow in women, give 40-60 ml decoction with 2 gm. honey mixed in it. Give this twice a day.
    • Treats Headache: Crush its leaves and apply on the forehead. It cures headache.
    • Aids in Eye pain: Extract the juice of its leaves and apply all around the eyes. It cures pain in the white part of eyes.
    • Treatment for Wounds: Slightly warm the leaves and then crush them and tie on the wound. It helps the wound heal faster and also eliminates the scar.
    • Cures bleeding diarrhea: Give 3-6 gm. juice of its leaves with cumin seeds and double amount of ghee mixed in it. Give this to the patient thrice a day. It controls the blood flow in diarrhea.
    • Manage leucorrhoea: For women who suffer from leucorrhoea ailment, use the decoction of the leaves twice daily. It helps delay the flow of blood within the blood vessels.
    • Treat piles at home: Drink the extract of the leaves twice daily to get an effective cure for piles.
    • Good for the liver: Bryophyllum pinnatum promotes the health of the liver. You can cure jaundice fast.
    • Treat ear pain: Get a fast cure for your ear pain by applying the juice of the leaves.
    • Cure boils: Crush a few leaves and form a poultice. Apply this on the boils. You can use this on redness and swelling of the skin.
    • Helps heart health: It improves the health of the heart.
    • Treat colds and coughs: For common cold and coughs, the juice of the leaves along with sugar candy will help. This can help people suffering from asthma also.
    • Anti-inflammatory property: By applying the paste of the leaves on the place of the swelling, you can reduce it significantly.
    • Relieves stomach ache: If you have a stomach ache, you can get relief by having the decoction of the leaves.
    • Diuretic action: You can cure urinary disorders with the juice of the Bryophyllum pinnatum leaf. This is good for curing excessive thirst. Drink a potion of 40-60 ml every day in the morning and evening.
    • Teething problems: Babies who are cutting their first teeth will have relief from the pain.
    • Anthelmintic action: Bryophyllum pinnatum helps remove worms in the intestine effectively. Have the decoction of the leaves twice a day with honey.
    • Antipyretic property: If you have a fever, the miracle leaf will help relieve your symptoms.
    • Corrects dysentery: Have the leaf extract with honey to get relief from dysentery.
    • Helps with weight management: You can lose weight by using the Bryophyllum pinnatum leaves.
    • Prevents grey hair: Regular use of the miracle leaf will help prevent the greying of hair. It promotes the health of the scalp too.
    • Good anti-oxidant property: Make tea with the dried leaves and have it twice or thrice a day. This will help you fight free radicals better.
    • Helpful for diabetics: Control your diabetes with the Bryophyllum pinnatum leaves. Have the decoction twice every day and see your blood sugar levels drop significantly.
    • Cures constipation: You can get relief from your constipation by having the tea made from the dried powder of the Bryophyllum pinnatum.
    • Purifies blood: Miracle leaf has a purifying action on the blood. It removes the toxins and helps improve your health.
    • Juice for chest cold: Warm 3 leaves and juice them. This should yield 2-3 tablespoon of leaf of life juice. Add a pinch of salt. Take one tablespoon three times a day for as long as needed.
    • Poultice for skin ulcer, sprains and insect stings: Grind 7 fresh leaves into a poultice. Apply the poultice evenly to the affected area. Apply a fresh poultice twice a day, morning and night, as often as needed.
    • Pounded leaves are applied as poultices to the soles of the feet to stop hemorrhages.
    • Leaves are used as topical in dislocation, ecchymoses, callosities.
    • It is widely used as an herbal remedy for many different types of ailments, especially bronchial conditions.
    • An herbal tea made from this herb is useful to treat conditions such as shortness of breath, kidney failure, menstrual problems, asthma, coughs, bronchitis, as well as chest cold.
    • Crushed medicinal leaves of this herb will bring relief from insect bites, bruises, boils, and also skin ulcers.
    • Poultice of the crushed leaves can also be applied to the outer body for sprains, pains, as well earaches.
    • Placing the back of the leaves on open sores, cuts and wounds will promote healing, stops bleeding as well as prevents infection.
    • Stem as well as the leaves can be placed in water and taken daily to rid the body of mucous and waste matter.
    • Fresh leaves of leaf of life can also be eaten raw as a medicinal remedy for asthma, bronchitis and intestinal problems.
    • Leaf extract is taken on an empty stomach for treatment of urinary bladder stones and fever in children in Arunachal Pradesh.
    • Cough medicine is made from the roots in Sierra Leon
    • Heated leaves used for swellings and abscesses in Jamaica.
    • It is used for rheumatoid arthritis, bruises, burns and ulcers in China.
    • In the KwaZulu-Natal Province, South Africa, leaves used in combination with Opuntia stricta and Euphorbia hypericifolia to treat gonorrhea.

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