Gomutra Arka ( 500 ml ) For Detoxification & Cleansing of Body

by Gosiddhi Organics
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  • Qauntity : 500ml
  • Benefits:
  • For Detoxification & Cleansing of Body
  • It removes all Toxins accumulated in body.
  • It is great elixir & Cures all liver diseases
  • It purifies Blood & Cures Skin diseases.
  • It reduce weight of obese person
  • It destroys intestinal worms
  • How to Use : 3 teaspoon with 1  glass of water early morning

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Go-Siddhi Gomutra ark is made from Desi cow urine by distillation process. The use of cow urine for therapeutic purposes has a long history in Indian culture. In India, cow is considered to be a sign of spirituality. It is cleansing and detoxifying in nature. Indian scientists from CSIR (Council of Scientific and Industrial Research) received a US Patent for a mixture of cow urine distillate, which acts as an antibiotic. It works like a bio-enhancer, which promotes the antimicrobial functions of anti fungal and antibiotic agents.

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