Pushkarni Herbal Water Purifier & Enricher ( 60 gm )

by Gosiddhi Organics
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  • Qauntity : 60 gm
  • Ingredients: Desi Cow dung ash, Alum, VETIVERIA ZIZANIOIDES, Cyperus rotundus
  • Benefits:
  • Enrich water with Natural Minerals
  • It increases pranic [oxygen] value of water.
  • It naturally purify & clean water.
  • It removes all harmful things in water.
  •      How  to use – add a small pinch in a liter water.

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Pushkarni benefits:
           Water is most essential elements of life. Human body contains 60% water. Water play vital role in  quenching  thirst, Regulating body Temperature, re-hydration, helps in removing toxins & waste products in the body, protects vital organs, lubricates joints etc. To remain healthy along with nutritious food, we need pure & nutritious water also.  Water purifying using the Pushkarni is so much cheaper than bottled water which uses costly methods and machines to be purified and packed. Ultra violet radiations & reverse osmosis process in water purifier Machines causes  the depletion of all natural minerals, hence our bodies become prone to many diseases. This  artificially purified water looks 
crystal clear in appearance but it  is not healthy for body.  Other methods of  purifying water like adding chlorine or other chemicals has its own defects and side effects. However Pushkarni is an excellent  herbal water purifier. It  is made from cow dung ash & potent herbs which naturally  purify & enrich water with prana [oxygen] & minerals. All harmful things is removed by adding a pinch or two of Pushkarni in few liters of  water. This option of adding Pushkarni is so cheap that anyone can afford it. It has absolutely no side effects.

               Ingredients: Desi cow dung ash, Cyperus  rotundus, Neem
               How  to use – just add a small pinch in a liter water.

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Harshad [ 5 Star ]2019-08-06 04:03:56
"Best quality product and performance"
Pramod [ 5 Star ]2019-06-12 01:28:55
"good "

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