Teliya Kand / Sauromatum venosum (500 gm)

by Gosiddhi Organics
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  • QAUNTITY : 500 gm
  • Cancer treatment ( cancer of any type)
  • arthritis, 
  • skin diseases, wart, pimples
  • goitre
  • azoospermia, premature ejaculation,
  • epilepsy,
  • snake poisoning, ascitis,
  • tuberculosis, brochial asthma,
  • Its extract is antimicrobial, antidiaphoretic, anti-inflammatroy,
  • Calcium deficiency
  • as energy booster. Ash of Teliya kand is used in wounds, skin diseases & pimples etc.

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Teliya Kand (Sauromatum venosum)


The creator of this universe has introduced intelligently medicinal herbs in the universe just like chemicals in the laboratory. Teliya kand is one of this creation.
 The experts team working on medicinal plants and herbs from Lord Dhanwantri  Charitable trust, those miraculous plant which has been described in ancient  Ayurvedic text and is discovered by only a few fortunate-people.


Ancient ayurvedic text , 'Raj Nighantu' quotes about this Teliya kand- "taila kandha deha Siddihim Vidyatte" which means one can get perfection in the health. It is very much effective even in disease like Cancer.

Ancient saints and Ayurveda experts thinks that it is having the property of binding mercury and can also convert Copper into Gold.

According to one great fellow; Teliya kand can melt iron. If iron rod is inserted in Teliya kand & then if it is tried to band after removing out of kand, it will bend easily, it is also called as Jogiya kand.

one great fellow, sadhus in Himalaya region fill Teliya kand in their Cigarettes  (Chilam) in order to protect their body from cold.

Roots of some plants are being identified as Teliya kand in many states, So it is very difficult to decide the real Teliya kand. Hence an attempt has been made to research in this conterct. 


Teliya kand is found in Vindhyachal, Abu, Girnar, Amarnath, On the banks of Narmada river, Himalaya & Kashmir etc.

 It is also found in Chhttisgadha, Rangakhar & in the mountains of Bhopalapatnam  in Madhyapradesh. Roots of this herb are marketed against its name. Old people of that region opine that copper turns into gold when copper is melt in juice of Teliya kand. If anyone consumes its juice, then geriatric changes are delayed in that particular person. The divine person (Rushi-gana) of India are great as they have contributed India to get called as “Sparrow of Gold” by introducing such divine knowledge.

Usage of Teliya Kand

 It's a poisonous medicinal herb. It should be used with precautions. it is specifically used ask in arthritis, blister, ulcer, skin diseases, goitre, analgesic, 

contraceptive, azoospermia, premature ejaculation, tetanus, epilepsy, snake poisoning, ascitis, cough, tuberculosis, brochial asthma, cancer of any type, abdominal pain, cramps, frature, wart, pimples, worms etc. Its extract is antimicrobial, antidiaphoretic, anti-inflammatroy, bitter in taste & used in Calcium deficiency & as energy booster. 

Ash of Teliya kand is used in wounds, skin diseases & pimples etc. Its seeds mixed with salt are used in oesophagitis. Its flowers are yellowish-white & aromatic.


Teliya kand is a poisons medicinal plant. Hence precautions should be taken during its use Teliya kand contains three types of poisonous chemical constituents; Overdose causes pharyngitis, vertigo, renal failure or it may cause death also, hence old rhizome(kand) should be kept in water overnight or should be boiled in water by which its poisons are removed.

Cultivation of Teliya kand

Teliya kand cultivation is done by sowing its seeds & rhizome. Seeds should be first scrapped by Sand paper (emari paper) then should be soaked in water overnight. After that it should be sowed in a pot or pit. Humid & moist place is favorable for this. It should be prevented from direct sunlight. Green house is more favorable for this plant. Black, alkaline soil mixed with sand & lime should be used for the plantation of its rhizome & seeds.

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